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Artificial intelligence has sparked a transformative shift in recruitment, increasing recruiters' reliance on technology-mediated job interviews. 


While this transition has undoubtedly brought about improved efficiency and the capacity to navigate numerous applications swiftly, a mounting concern has arisen regarding the diminishing presence of human interaction in the hiring process.

What is AI anxiety? 

AI anxiety refers to the apprehension, fear, or unease experienced by employees. It manifests as a worry that soon AI technologies may outperform or replace human capabilities or disrupt traditional industries. 

Will AI replace recruiters and HR practitioners? 

Quite the contrary. A recent survey shows HR professionals hold that AI has numerous advantages and contributes positively to recruitment. The consensus is that AI will significantly alleviate the workload of recruiters, offer valuable insights throughout the recruitment journey, and streamline the overall tasks associated with the recruiter's role. 


Instead of getting concerned, recruiters should make the most of AI. 


Tacnique recently launched a free ebook on 33 ChatGPT Prompts for HR and Recruiters. 

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3 AI-powered tools every recruiter should use 

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) for initial filtering

Applicant tracking systems play a vital role in managing resume overload. These systems enable recruiters to efficiently handle large volumes of resumes by automating the initial filtering process. Recruiters can set up customized filters in the ATS to screen resumes based on specific keywords, qualifications, or experience, narrowing down the candidate pool to those who closely match the job requirements.


Resume parsing software to the rescue

Resume parsing tools automate extracting relevant information from resumes, such as education, work experience, and skills. This automation significantly speeds up the screening process by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Additionally, some tools have a keyword-matching algorithm feature that can quickly identify resumes with specific keywords or phrases related to the job requirements. 


Leveraging skill assessment tools

Skill assessment tools have become essential for modern recruiters. They allow objective and efficient evaluation of candidates' competencies, ensuring the selection of the most qualified individuals. These tools assess various skills, including technical proficiencies, cognitive abilities, and soft skills. 


These tools also reduce bias and enhance accuracy, improving the hiring process. The best way to identify top talent and build high-performing teams. 


Shortcomings of AI in recruitment


The ghosting effect

The use of AI in the job interview process can inadvertently contribute to a phenomenon known as "ghosting." This happens when candidates who have performed well during interviews never receive any communication or updates from the prospective employer, leaving them anxious and uncertain about their prospects. 


Research suggests that this pervasive issue in today's job market yields consequences beyond mere frustration. The implications of ghosting encompass various aspects of job seekers. Powerlessness, worthlessness, and helplessness lead to depression and low self-esteem. 


Hard to fill diverse roles 

Although AI technology supercharges recruitment procedures, the human touch remains indispensable in job placement. AI may excel in streamlining operations, but no machine can replicate the nuanced discernment of an experienced recruiter with the expertise to evaluate intangible aspects such as soft skills, attitude, and cultural alignment.

Therefore, only human recruiters will know which candidate aligns with the organizational values and contributes to a harmonious work environment.


Human insights are irreplaceable 

Automation has revolutionized certain facets of recruitment, no doubt. For example, resume screening and interview coordination, it's undeniable that a human recruiter's invaluable perspective and discernment can't take a toss. 


Technology-driven tools effectively evaluate fundamental skills but cannot assess essential intangible qualities such as communication prowess and teamwork aptitude. Only recruiters can access distinct attributes and characteristics beyond mere technical proficiency.

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The future of tech hiring is recruiters and AI working together.


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