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Visionary entrepreneur, Elon Musk, makes his mark with the acquisition of a job-matching technology startup called Laskie. This move marks Elon’s vision to make Twitter a revolutionary "super app" that has multiple functionalities.


The acquisition is quite important as this is the first of its kind since Elon bought Twitter for $44 billion in October.

So what is Laskie?

Laskie is a tech hiring platform, a people-first job-matching platform for candidates. It is a free B2C SaaS platform where hiring managers connect with candidates. The platform has innovative features such as Candidate Drop, Laskie Platform, and ReverseApply.


Laskie’s Blog says the platform is a powerful, data-driven tool to help you make better hiring decisions and improve your candidate experience.

Laskie Tech Hiring Platform
Strangely shows not available (as of 17th May, 2023)


Twitter’s Acquisition of Laskie

However, there is no official announcement; Bloomberg reported the news first to its readers. Founded in 2021 and headquartered in the heart of San Francisco, Laskie is a tech hiring platform that aims to make hiring easier.


Prior to its acquisition, Laskie served as a hiring platform that connects tech job seekers with employers. Laskie secured a funding round of $6 million in December 2021. Some of the investors that led the round of funding include Bloomberg Beta and Peak State Ventures.


It is currently unknown how Twitter plans to integrate the platform with its own system or it might let Laskie run as an independent company.


While Laskie's website currently displays the service as temporarily unavailable, a glimpse into their LinkedIn page shows a powerful tech hiring platform that streamlines traditional recruiting.


Meanwhile, it's now a good time to tell you Tacnique, the website you're currently at, does a similar job to that of Laskie (and as you can see, our website's up and running)


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Tacnique - A Tech Hiring Platform you can Rely on 

Similar to Laskie, Tacnique is also a Tech Hiring Platform that outsources your tech interviews. Tacnique helps you avoid using your engineering managers' bandwidth on hiring and lets them focus. It accelerates your hiring process and cuts your hiring time by up to 80%.


Not to forget, you also get access to 50,000+ engineers from our growing talent pool. Our hiring platform also easily integrates with popular ATSs’.

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