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As AI continues to grow and advance, it is becoming increasingly important for software developers to understand its impact on their careers. A recent PwC study predicted that AI will contribute $10.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Its impact is already felt in the logistics, e-commerce, and healthcare industries.


So, how exactly will AI enhance software development? In this blog, we'll discuss five ways that the AI-based video interview process is set to revolutionize the software development industry.


1. More Consistent and Objective Interviews:

AI algorithms eliminate unconscious biases in hiring and ensure a more consistent interview experience for all candidates. It removes the emotional component from the interview process and helps the interviewer focus on the candidate’s skills and qualifications.

Currently, around 80% of businesses are investing in AI interviews due to their potential to improve error management and provide the best hiring solutions.


  • 2. Enhanced Screening Process:

AI algorithms can sift through resumes and shortlist the most relevant candidates, saving companies time and effort. This also enables the organization to focus on more strategic tasks like choosing the best virtual hiring platform to provide the best hiring solutions.


  • 3. Lower Complexity and Reduced Expenses:

Tech hiring can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when dealing with many applicants. AI based video interview techniques can help to reduce the workload and costs associated with shortlisting, physical interviewing, and testing by using machine-based intelligence to tackle tech hiring.


  • 4. Improved Time Management:

Effective planning for time management can be a complex and specialized task that requires a lot of skill. Any delay can negatively impact the hiring decision. AI interviews have the potential to enhance traditional methods by offering the most efficient structure for each client.

AI interview algorithms can automate the scheduling process and help manage the candidate flow, saving time and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.  


  • 5. Providing Top Tech Talent:

As AI based virtual interviews continue to advance, they will positively impact software developer jobs. Companies will use AI technology to match your skills and experience with relevant job openings, thus, increasing your chances of landing your dream job and finding the right fit for the organization.


We can safely say AI will enhance our jobs and not take them. It is for sure AI can’t replace skills and creativity. As AI grows, recruitment will change. You need to hone your skills and make sure you stand out from others.


The dominance of remote work among software startups is a rising trend that's likely to stick.


Tacnique can help you overcome several challenges and understand what top-notch industries want from you in your software development job hunt: 

  • 1. Cloud interviewing process

  • 2. Certified expert interviews

  • 3. Detailed insights

  • 4. Behavioral assessments

  • 5. Engineer-focused

  • 6. Opportunity for growth and development

  • 7. AI-based intelligence

  • 8. Technical skill assessments


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At Tacnique, we understand the importance of preparing for the future with software development, and we're here to help. Our cloud interviewing process can help you quantify your skills. Our certified AI interviews expert and behavioral and soft skill assessments can give you the detailed insights you need to stand out from the crowd.

With AI-based intelligence and the opportunity for growth and development, Tacnique is your one-stop-shop for tech hiring decisions. Book a Demo and learn more.