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The tech job market is heating up, with 93% of employers planning to hire this year, according to a recent study by Monster. Leading companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google are all set to increase their technology and corporate teams in the United States.

The shift to remote work has also made it easier for individuals to seek better job opportunities regardless of their geographical location.

However, the increased demand for tech talent has pressured organizations to find the right candidates, leading to slow organizational growth. The organizations' fast yet better hiring requirements have placed their team members on a roll and the organizational growth on hold.

Tacnique, a virtual hiring platform, uses AI-driven cloud interviewing to help organizations build agile and accountable technology teams at blazing speed with the power of an AI-driven process.


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Understanding the new Talent Space

Before we go into the hiring solutions for the new recruitment landscape, let’s first explore ‘the new’. Recently, there have been several catalysts to the change in tech talent landscapes for tech jobs.

Organizations have definitely shifted their focus when it comes to their high-performing teams. The candidates need to re-align themselves according to the changing pace, which is actually proving to be beneficial for them.


Considering current hiring solutions, candidates need this three-fold approach toward the new hiring process.


1. Up-skilling:

Tech jobs require a high level of technical expertise, and the constantly evolving technology requires tech professionals to upskill continuously. With the expected surge in technological occupations, candidates should focus on in-demand skills such as testing, design, or machine learning to land a perfect job.


2. Building Connections

Strong, soft skills, such as excellent communication, are crucial in a highly competitive job market. Candidates need to demonstrate that they have the ability to work well with others and improve their performance.  In such a competitive hiring process, candidates need that extra skill to get the right job.


3. Adept with Cloud Interviewing

A recent study by Glassdoor shows that candidates spend 8-10 hours per week on job applications with only a 9% chance of landing the job. Tacnique's AI-driven cloud interviewing process allows candidates to go through a single set of interviews with unlimited opportunities.


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Candidates can take their job search to the next level by creating a cloud interview profile. With the help of Tacnique, job seekers can get hired quickly and efficiently, even in this competitive talent landscape. Schedule your first cloud interview with Tacnique today and take the first step to get your dream tech job.


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