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Importance of video interviews for remote hiring

With the rising demand for remote jobs, video interviews are becoming the new norm. Video interviewing services that help you streamline the recruiting process.

According to Zippia, no matter if the job is remote or not, 60% of recruiters use video technology to interview candidates. Before choosing the right interviewing platform, you need to check features such as affordability, user interface, security, and integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

In this article, we will be checking the Best Video Interview Platforms for Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Video interview platforms


Overview of 12 Best Video Interview Software or Platforms for Recruiters

1. Tacnique

Tacnique is an innovative hiring solution that offers a video interviewing platform with many features, such as Cloud Video interview recording and Skill assessment based on different technology.


According to a recent study, Compared to video interviews, phone interviews usually take up to eight days to conduct. So tools such as Tacnique will help you save time during the hiring process and onboard skilled and qualified engineers.

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2. Zoom Video Webinar

The use of video interviews has increased by 67% in the past year, according to OnRec.

Despite being forced to use video interviewing due to Covid19, more than half of employers plan to continue to use them once things are back to normal.

With Zoom Video Webinars, you can easily conduct online interviews. This online interviewing software is quite suited for interviews as it offers some advanced features such as screen sharing, chat, and Q&A.

 Zoom is easily accessible to a wide range of audiences around the world, which is why it is good for conducting video interviews.

Pros of Zoom Video Webinar

  • a. Have remote video conferencing features

  • b. Allows you to record your interviews easily

  • Cons of Zoom Video Webinar
  • a. Offers Limited integrations

  • b. The free plan has limited features

  • Zoom Webinars price ranges from $40 to $6,490


3. Skype

Skype is a communication tool known around the world for conducting video interviews. Skype also offers you other features, such as file sharing and instant messaging.

Skype is easily accessible to candidates and recruiters, making it a reliable option for conducting remote interviews. 

The platform also offers some advanced features such as HD video calling, recording your interview, screen sharing, Live code environment.

Pros of Skype:

  • a. Skype is easily accessible to all

  • b. Free-to-use platform

  • Cons of Skype:
  • a. Skype may not always work as intended

  • b. It requires stable, powerful Internet service


4. Workable

Workable is a popular applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps you easily manage your hiring activities. Workable's Video Interview platform makes hiring remotely easier and faster. With Workable, you can create new interviews and also import past interviews from other jobs

Pros of Workable: 

  • Workable is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform

    Cons of Workable:

  • Limited customization offered by the platform


Workable is a paid platform with Video Interviews priced at $99


5. Willo video interview platform

Willo is a video interviewing platform that helps recruiters manage the hiring activities, such as screening candidates, with faster and more reliable hiring. It also offers automated scheduling and interview recording features.

If you are looking to hire for various skill sets, Willo offers an intuitive platform.

Pros of Willo :

  • a. Willo offers a range of time-saving features

  • b. The platform offers candidate feedback features that help improve the interviewing process

    Cons of Willo:

  • a. Willo has Limited integrations


Willo has 4 pricing editions, from $0 to $850


6. Spark Hire online interview software

Spark Hire is one of the best video interviewing platforms for hiring remotely. It offers advanced analyses which recruiters can use to make better decisions. The platform also offers one-way video interviews and interview recordings, among other features.

Pros of Spark Hire:

  • a. Spark Hire's platform offers a ton of customizations

  • b. Spark Hire offers a range of time-saving features

  • Cons of Spark Hire:
  • There is a learning curve to using the platform


Spark Hire Pricing. Starts at $149.00


7. Hireflix Online interview platform

With Hireflix, candidates can pre-record videos of their profiles and skill sets. The platform thus allows recruiters to get candidate data with actual skillsets rather than normal resumes.

Pros of Hireflix:

  • It integrates easily with other software, such as BambooHR 

  • Cons of Hireflix:
  • Lacks features to streamline the interview process


Unlimited Interview responses cost $75

8. Breezy

Breezy is an all-in-one recruiting software that helps recruiters with their hiring needs. It offers a number of features, such as automated job posting and customizable hiring pipelines.

This video interview platform streamlines your online video interviewing process as it offers a lot of collaborative tools as well.

Here are some of its Pros and Cons:

Pros of Breezy: 

  • Good reporting features and an intuitive dashboard

  • Cons of Breezy:
  • Capturing candidate feedback is a little difficult


Breezy HR's highest-priced plan costs $399


9. Talview

Talview uses AI to make the hiring process easier. It offers a number of features, such as candidate screening, assessment, and interview scheduling.  

Talview also offers integrations with ATS and CRM systems, making recruiting easier and less time-consuming.

Pros of Talview:

  • Automated video Interview

  • Cons of Talview:
  • The free plan has limited features


Pricing Starting from $25000 /year


10. Vervoe Virtual interview platform

Vervoe is an AI recruitment platform that can streamline your entire hiring process. It saves a lot of time by automating the candidate screening and evaluation. 

Vervoe's intuitive dashboard and collaboration tools bring all your hiring team under one roof and offer an easier way to conduct virtual interviews.


Pros of Vervoe

a. Saves time due to automation

b. Great for skill-based recruitment

Cons  of Vervoe

Can be expensive for small businesses


Pricing: Vervoe pricing starts at $99 per month for the Starter plan and up to $499 per month for the Pro plan.


11. Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing and online meeting software that offers a number of features to streamline interviews. With the recording of interviews, screen sharing, and audio, and video conferencing, Zoho offers an easy-to-use platform for recruiters.


 Pros of Zoho Meeting

a. Easy to use and set up 

b. Great for remote collaboration and communication 

Cons of Zoho Meeting

Limited customization options


Pricing: Zoho Meeting pricing starts at $10 per month for the Meeting plan and up to $30 per month for the Webinar plan.


12. Hirevue

With HireVue, you can quickly create customized interview questions and scenarios, which helps you access the candidates. This platform makes it easier to do skill-based assessments and onboard only skilled engineers. The user interface is quite good and it has also integrations with popular ATS systems.


Pros of Hirevue

a. Offers customized interview questions and scenarios

b. Integrates with popular ATS systems

Cons of Hirevue

Can be expensive for small companies 


Pricing: HireVue offers a range of pricing plans, starting at $15 per candidate for the Basic plan


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It is quite important to choose the right platform for managing your hiring needs. Each of the platforms comes with its own pros and cons. 

Overall, investing in a video interviewing platform can help recruiters attract and hire top talent without any hassle.

We encourage hiring managers to understand the requirements correctly and choose the right platform for their hiring needs. 


Tech Interview Outsourcing with Tacnique

Looking to hire engineers quickly with a streamlined process? Tacnique offers an AI-driven cloud hiring platform you can trust.


Here are some of the Benefits offered by Tacnique’s video interviewing software-


  1. Cloud Video interview recording

  2. Technical Skill Evaluation

  3. AI & Video Intelligence

  4. Certified Expert Interviewers

  5. Score-based Summary

  6. Behavioral Assessment

  7. Detailed Interview Insights


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The Future of Tech Hiring | Tacnique's Virtual Interview Platform



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