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With the widespread adoption of technology, recruiting has become easier and hassle-free. Two-way video interviews are now easier to conduct, thanks to the widespread adoption of video interviewing platforms.


With advanced video interviewing platforms like Tacnique, recruiters can conduct interviews remotely and save time for candidates and themselves.


This blog will walk you through the six practical stages for conducting video interviews using Tacnique.

Benefits of Video Interview Platforms for Hiring Managers

Here are some of the reasons to leverage video interviewing platforms-


  1. Enhanced Efficiency
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Expanded Talent Pool
  4. Access to Insights
  5. Accurate Skill Assessments
  6. Improved Candidate Experience
  7. Enhanced Collaboration
  8. Easy Record-Keeping and Evaluation

6 Steps to Video Interviewing with Tacnique

1. Client Onboarding and Account Creation



Setting up an account and onboarding the client is the first step in successfully conducting video interviews with Tacnique. Tacnique's Relationship Managers will create the client’s account to get started.


The main priority is understanding the client's requirements to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Once the account is running, the credentials are securely shared with the client via email.


Tacnique provides a user-friendly portal where clients can easily add their specific requirements. Clients can discuss their requirements, which helps in a better screening process. This helps set the right criteria for interview recording, call screening, and interview insights. 


The criteria can then be shared with the TA (Talent Acquisition) for screening and evaluating candidates.

2. Adding Candidates for the Screening Process


As a recruiter, adding candidates to the Tacnique platform is quite easy. Clients can easily input candidate details such as resumes, contact information, and additional documents or qualifications.


Once a candidate is added, the Tacnique platform notifies the entire team involved in the hiring process. This saves valuable time and streamlines the entire hiring process.

3. Candidate Screening Process



The next step is the candidate screening process, where Tacnique makes the entire resume and call screening process easier. The TA executive can review candidate resumes based on earlier screening criteria.


If the candidate's records meet the criteria, they proceed to the next stage for call screening. TA executives can call the candidates and screen them based on the screening criteria.


For instance, TA executives can skill check and see relevant experience when hiring for skills such as JavaScript, React, React Native, MERN, or other JavaScript frameworks. 


The candidate is then passed to the next stage of the Interview Evaluation once call screening is completed successfully.

4. Interview Scheduling and Preparation

Now, interviews can be scheduled quickly using the platform by the TA executive, who has screened candidates earlier. Next, invitations are sent to both the candidate and the interview engineer, ensuring that both are on the same page.


Candidates also get practical guidelines that help them in the interview process. Meanwhile, the interview engineer can review the interview screening criteria, shortlist relevant questions, and publish them.

5. The Interview Process

The interview process consists of several stages with respect to the position and seniority level. The interview lasts 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the candidate's responses.


The hiring team can conduct video interviews efficiently with Tacnique's video interviewing platform- Tacnique Meet.


The interview flow includes an introduction, project discussion, coding and problem-solving assessments, scenario-based assessments, knowledge evaluation, and a wrap-up session.

6. After Interview: Evaluation and Client Decision

The interview engineer evaluates the candidate's performance after the interview based on predefined parameters, such as ratings, comments, seniority-level assessments, and strengths and weaknesses.


Tacnique’s platform automatically calculates a score based on this evaluation and provides a candidate report. The Relationship Manager can then review and share the report with the client.


The client can then make informed decisions based on the report and hire, shortlist, or reject the candidate.

Tech Interview Outsourcing with Tacnique’s Tech Hiring Platform-

Are you looking to streamline hiring and speed up the entire process? Tacnique offers an AI-driven cloud hiring platform you can rely on.


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