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With the adoption of cloud technology, interviews are becoming more streamlined for organizations. They help you decide the makeup of your employee pool and plan a strategy for hiring a workforce.


But as companies grow, hiring managers and engineers often need more bandwidth, which affects hiring. To hire a high-quality and diverse engineering team, time and planning are needed.


Interview as a Service Platforms have the right tools and technology to speed up the hiring process, which helps avoid costly hiring mistakes.


In this article, let us explore the benefits IaaS platforms offer. But first, let’s understand the fundamentals.

What is Interview as a Service (IaaS)?


IaaS refers to the process of outsourcing interview processes to industry experts. These experts support your hiring team's recruiting needs by providing valuable analysis and insights from their domain expertise.


With these video interview platforms, the hiring timeframe can be shortened, and only qualified and skilled engineers will be hired.


Some popular features of IaaS include Interview Insights, Cloud-based Assessment, Video interview recording, AI and video Intelligence. This video interview software helps you improve the hiring process quality by increasing the conversion rate.




Here are 7 Advantages of using Interview as a Service (IaaS)


1. Video interview tools help Increase your interviewing bandwidth.

Recruiting can be challenging after a certain period if you are running a business and handling the hiring process independently. As your business grows, you must recruit people from outside your field.

Besides this, recruiters must hire engineers for specialized roles such as system admins, database admins, network engineers, etc.

Hiring for such roles requires managers with thorough knowledge and technical skills. Video interview apps help you streamline the entire process, as they add valuable domain expertise required to evaluate candidates.

It also ensures that the hiring team only deals with skilled engineers, providing faster interviews during the hiring process.


2.  Provide Job Description Keywords

In different industries and verticals, hiring the right skillset is extremely critical. Recruiting keywords helps you and the candidates understand the job requirements.


LinkedIn research shows people in an organization spend roughly 49 days before hiring successfully. Glassdoor suggests hiring teams screen 250 applications for each hire.


With deadlines to close a job, hiring managers have a very short time to scan each resume. This makes keyword attention extremely critical. Using the interview as a service platform, you can identify the right keywords and connect only with candidates who are relevant to your position.

3. Interview as a Service helps with Bias-remediation

We all have unconscious biases about people, but these shouldn’t change your views about virtual hiring. Biases can harm an organization as they can miss valuable talent.

IaaS has built-in biases that are not as harmful as human-based biases. Interviewers from different backgrounds will help eliminate bias, a core offering of IaaS services.


Recent studies suggest companies are trying to remove bias from their organizations to create a more diverse workplace. With the advancement in technology, Interview as a Service platforms are constantly evolving to eliminate algorithm-based bias.

The end goal should be to promote talent over bias, and these robust systems have an advanced set of tools to help achieve it.


4. IaaS assists with Technical Hiring.

Closing a job position requires thorough technical knowledge and recruiting skills. This is a must for technical roles, as these positions depend entirely on the engineer's skill set.

With IaaS, technical peers screen your candidates so you can hire the right candidate without burdening in-house engineers and managers.

IT hiring stakeholders also need to assess candidates' technical suitability quickly. IaaS offers a streamlined process to reduce hiring time.

With increased access to Subject Matter Experts, hiring the right candidate becomes easier and less time-consuming.

This also helps prevent costly hiring mistakes, especially for technical job positions.


5. Access to Insights

The Interview as a Service platform is well-equipped to keep up with technological trends. These robust interview platforms have advanced tools and techniques that make your hiring experience seamless.

With improved recruiting models like cloud interviewing, IaaS offers easy access to email, texting, and other communication channels.

Consider, for instance, how using advanced features such as QR codes can improve the candidate’s experience. These systems can generate QR codes that direct candidates to interviews.

IaaS systems also come with digital cheat detection and live automated proctoring during interviews. They also offer insights into your hiring funnel's performance and ways to improve conversion rates.


6. Saves the bandwidth of employees

As mentioned earlier, recruiting takes time and patience. You don’t want your engineering team to spend much time interviewing candidates during this process.

Also, remember that candidates usually have less than a 1 percent unemployment rate for technical positions. Along with fast-tracking potential candidates, the Interview as a Service platform helps you quickly schedule an interview with them.

It also frees up your team’s time to focus on business objectives rather than getting too busy interviewing.

With such on-demand models, you can also increase your chances of hiring the candidate before your competitors.

7. Helps achieve Cost Saving

IaaS benefits are quite useful for hiring managers, as they come with immense cost benefits. By removing technical barriers, companies can streamline recruitment efforts and save money.

Interview as a Service also reduces future attrition by gauging engineers on their technical merits. This also means fewer recruitments for the job position in hand.

IaaS allows hiring managers to reach more candidates and recruit only suitable ones. You can build Agile and accountable technology teams at a fraction of the cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Interview as a Service (IaaS) reliable?

Yes, IaaS can assist you with your recruitment needs as it speeds up the hiring process. It also helps you eliminate costly hiring mistakes when closing a job position.

Apart from these benefits, these platforms have robust features such as fraud detection and remote proctoring.

It also helps remove bias and make correct hiring decisions for your business. 

2. How does Interview as a Service work?

With Interview as a Service, you get access to precise screening methodologies. IaaS also offers advanced tools and technologies to support your hiring needs.

This ensures you don’t miss out on the right talent for your projects. The main advantage of such services is that they streamline the entire process, saving bandwidth for your engineering team.


3. How can I make the interview process more efficient?

Recruiting keywords play a crucial role in hiring. Make sure to add the right keywords to the job description.

This will also improve your conversion rate, as you will get more suitable candidates for the position.

Also, pay close attention to past recruiting insights, which will help you remove bottlenecks in future interviews.

For technical job roles, try to get experts to interview the candidates, as they can gauge them better.


 4. How is Technical Interview as a Service different?

As part of our Technical Interviews as a Service, engineers are evaluated according to their job descriptions regarding their technical skills.

This involves testing engineers with fundamentals and advanced technical knowledge per the job requirements.

Technical interviews are conducted by domain experts better equipped to gauge and test potential candidates.

Thus, the advantages of IaaS can also be applied here, which will help build high-quality engineering teams.


Tech Interview Outsourcing with Tacnique

Looking to hire engineers quickly with a streamlined process? Tacnique offers an AI-driven cloud hiring platform you can trust.

Here are some of the Benefits offered by Tacnique’s video interviewing software-

  1. Cloud Video interview recording
  2. Technical Skill Evaluation
  3. AI & Video Intelligence
  4. Certified Expert Interviewers
  5. Score-based Summary
  6. Behavioural Assessment
  7. Detailed Interview Insights


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