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Are you tired of the traditional job application process? Well, it's time to embrace the power of video interviews. With the rise of remote work, recorded video interviews have become the new norm.

According to Forbes, 60% of Recruiters Resort to Video Technology to Interview Candidates. This is increasing rapidly as more recruiters are adopting innovative hiring solutions. 

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced recruiter, this article will help you understand how recorded video interviews can make your hiring process easier and more streamlined.

Various methods for recording interviews

A recording of the conversation is suggested during an interview to get more information, insights, or opinions on the interview process. Here are 3 popular ways to get pre recorded video interviews.

1. Interview Audio recording 

The recording can be done in person during the interview. However, this is not a suitable practice as there is a lack of technology and visibility during the hiring process.


2. Recording through Virtual interview platforms

Virtual interview platforms, on the other hand, do an excellent job of providing pre recorded video interviews since they are equipped with the latest tools and technologies. This makes the entire process fair, transparent, and inclusive.

3. Transcription

Transcription is a process of converting recorded interview audio or video into written text. This helps recruiters note down detailed information for each candidate, which helps in accurate evaluation.

recorded video interviews

5 ways recording interviews helps you win at hiring

1. Provides an accurate record of the interview

Recorded video interviews can facilitate an accurate record of the interview, which is quite beneficial for hiring managers. This helps in getting a more comprehensive and accurate view of the candidates' skills. 

When compared to phone interviews, recorded video interviews help gauge the candidate better based on body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

This also helps ensure a fair and unbiased hiring process, which strengthens the experience of both recruiters and candidates. It has been reported that 45% of recruiters have streamlined the hiring process by using recorded video interviews.

2. Facilitates remote hiring

One of the biggest advantages of recorded video interviews is that it allows recruiters to manage remote hiring easily. This also means interviews can be conducted around the world without geographical restrictions. 

According to MRINetwork research, for 63% of recruiters, the biggest challenge is finding enough qualified candidates. But with the use of such virtual interview platforms, conducting one-way interviews has become streamlined and convenient for both the interviewer and the candidate.

Thus, video interviews offer a level of flexibility that traditional in-person interviews cannot offer.

3. Ensures fairness in the hiring process and helps eliminate bias

With recorded interviews, hiring bias can be reduced, as blind screening techniques can be used. These include hiding candidates' information, such as names and other personal information.

According to research by CMIC, a male applicant's chance of being called in for an interview is 40% higher than a female applicant's.

The virtual interview platforms also have hiring panels with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, which helps reduce bias. With such innovative technology, gender and racial bias can be eliminated from the hiring process.

4. Enables easy sharing with hiring managers and team members.

According to research by Yello, on average, Recruiters Spend Two-Thirds of Their Hiring Time on the Interview Process.

Improved communication between hiring managers can help streamline the entire hiring process and bring quality candidates in. By keeping everyone from the hiring team under one roof, recruiters can avoid duplicating efforts and work together more effectively.

Also, a lack of proper communication between recruiters can be quite frustrating for the candidates, as key updates can be delayed during the entire process.

5. Provides data for future references

If the candidate has already been through the interview process once, then video recorded interview can help to hire managers to evaluate the candidate without having to rearrange an in-person interview again.

The data obtained from the one way interview process can also be used to reduce hiring time the next time a similar job position is to be closed. 

According to research, Candidates who receive a strong candidate experience are 70 percent more likely to become new employees. Thus, the data collected from the recruitment process can be quite beneficial in onboarding new employees.

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Thus pre recorded video interviews help you streamline the entire process and hire faster. We hope you have understood what a one way interview is and how to use it effectively.

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