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Looking for ways to make high-volume hiring more manageable? Here we have covered proven strategies that recruiters can follow and streamline the entire hiring process. Are you curious about the impact of high-volume hiring in today's job market? In high-volume hiring, many job openings are filled during a short period of time.

Over two-thirds of companies surveyed said they had high volume hiring demands, defined as filling over 1,000 positions within a short period of time.

In this article, we will have a look at the Importance of implementing high-volume recruiting strategies along with challenges and strategies for effective hiring.

What are high-volume hiring strategies? (high volume definition)

High-volume recruitment strategies can do wonders for your business, especially when you are struggling to close several job positions quickly. 


High-volume hiring is one of the best recruiting strategies that help you quickly close a large number of vacancies. This makes it an efficient hiring process that saves time and resources for recruiters.

Challenges of high-volume hiring and mass recruiting

Here are some of the reasons why attracting qualified candidates in large numbers is challenging.

1. Shortage of qualified candidates

2. Low unemployment rates

3. Competitive job market

4. Lengthy hiring process

5. Limited resources

6. Weak Employer branding

Effective Strategies for Effective high volume hiring/recruiting

1. Easier Job Descriptions that are understandable and clearly communicated.

The cost-per-hire averages $4,129, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). However, with high-volume strategies the cost of hiring is reduced considerably and the time required is lessened.


To make job descriptions understandable, do Keyword Research and optimize Job Titles. Writing concise Job Descriptions helps in providing a Clear Application Process.


Also, video interviewing platforms help you lessen the time required for sifting through unqualified resumes and let you recruit candidates suitable for the job.

2. Fix your ATS (applicant tracking systems)

To manage large numbers of applications and identify top candidates, some companies use applicant tracking systems.

However, Companies with high-volume recruiting needs are dissatisfied with their applicant tracking systems (ATS), and 82% intend to increase technology investments this year.

Try fixing your ATS- Things like slow loading times or difficulty with resume parsing need to be corrected to ensure faster hiring. Look for ways to speed up the hiring process, such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails quickly.

3. Try to have Lesser rounds of interviews which saves time

58% of job seekers prioritize a positive candidate experience when considering potential employers, according to Glassdoor.

To create a memorable candidate experience, you should be responsive and communicate with the candidates effectively. Things such as lowering multiple rounds of interviews will help you personalize the experience.

Try to clarify Job Requirements upfront and use Use Pre-screening Assessments to lower the interview duration. Asking targeted questions to candidates will help you streamline the interview process.

4. Eliminate Bias to ensure fairness and consistency in evaluation.

Research by Cmic Global suggests that an applicant with a male name has a 40% higher chance of being interviewed than an applicant with a female name.

Tools like Tacnique help you streamline the entire recruitment process and improve candidates' experience. Such video interviewing platforms also offer additional benefits such as removing unconscious bias and leading to a better workplace.

Some of the reasons why you should consider standardizing your hiring criteria include- Ensuring fairness and consistency and saving time and resources.

5. Build a strong employer brand to boost high-volume recruiting

According to SHRM, it takes 36 days on average to fill a position. With high-volume hiring, the time to fill can be significantly shorter, with some companies filling positions in as little as 10 days.

When you are struggling to find the best talent, strategies such as building a strong employer brand can come in handy. Your brand will serve as a magnet in attracting skilled candidates

This also lessens the amount spent on marketing efforts such as paid listings for various job positions. So focus on building a good online presence that helps you drive more candidates and speed up the recruitment process.


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Final thoughts on high-volume recruiting

To summarize, high-volume hiring strategies are essential for organizations that wish to attract top talent, cut costs, and save time and resources.

Such a streamlined recruitment strategy can help you speed up the entire process and get you ahead of the competition. By leveraging innovative technology, HR staff can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting.


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