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What are Skill Assessments? Why skill assessments are important for recruiters?


According to SHRM, 82% of companies use some form of pre-employment test to assess candidates.


The objective of skill-based assessments is to measure the knowledge, skills, and judgment required for a particular domain. In other words, it helps to evaluate the candidates based on their technical ability and knowledge.


Skill-based assessments can be customized to match the specific requirements of a role or organization. Some of the benefits of skill-based assessments include improved customization and consistency in the evaluation process.

5 Steps to Incorporate Skill Assessments into Your Recruiting Process

1. Identify the specific skills and competencies that you want to assess for the role

A Linkedin research suggests the top 10 hard skills were blockchain, cloud computing, analytical reasoning, AI, affiliate marketing, and video production.


You must determine which skills and competencies are most important for the role you are hiring before choosing a skill assessment test. This will help you identify the most qualified candidates and make objective hiring decisions.


For instance, React developers might be tested on languages such as HTML, CSS, Git, Node, and JavaScript using a technical skills assessment, in which they are presented with coding challenges.

2. Choose the type of skill assessment based on the skills you have identified

Skills testing accelerates candidate screening in 64% of companies, but only 40% have invested in screening tools to manage high applicant numbers.


According to Linkedin research, soft skills like creativity, adaptability, and collaboration are increasingly important to the success of companies, according to 80% of respondents.


Choose the right set of skills that will help you hire the right candidate quickly and effectively. Conduct a thorough analysis of the job requirements and consult with hiring managers and stakeholders.

3. Administer the selected skill assessments

Now you need to administer the skill assessment to candidates. This is a crucial step in the process as you need to communicate the same with the candidates, explaining the purpose of the test.


Also, clearly explain the time limits and other necessary rules to candidates to ensure a seamless experience. Ensure the tests are accessible to all candidates and help them with any difficulties in the process.


Consider using video interview platforms that have the right tools to conduct skill assessments. And if you are hiring remotely, then such tools can help you easily streamline the entire hiring process.

4. Evaluate the assessment results based on the scoring or grading system

Assessments used by recruiters lead to 36% higher satisfaction rates with their final hiring decisions than those who don't use them.  So skill assessments are an important part of the Tech hiring process.


The results of the skill assessments should be evaluated effectively after candidates have completed them. Create a scoring or grading system that aligns with the desired skill levels.


Consider both the overall performance of candidates and their specific strengths and weaknesses. This will help you evaluate the candidates accurately and find the suitable ones for the open job post.

5. Communicate the results of the skill assessments to candidates

The majority of HR professionals use automation or AI to communicate with applicants during the interview process (69%), review resumes (64%), and automate searches (52%).


Once the assessments are evaluated, it's time to convey the results to candidates. Try to provide results in such a way that helps candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses.


A positive candidate experience is fostered by clear and transparent communication, which strengthens your employer's brand.

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