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As technology advances, the job market for engineers is becoming increasingly competitive. To land a successful engineering job, it's essential to have a diverse set of technical skills. Furthermore, with the shift towards remote work and the use of cloud interviewing, it's also important to be familiar with the latest technologies and interview platforms.

In this blog, we will discuss 9 key technical skills that engineers should master in 2022, as well as how to prepare for a cloud interview and the benefits of using an interview platform to land successful engineering jobs.


Core Technical Skills 

Technical skills are languages such as JavaScript or React. These are seen most as the keywords in your job descriptions.

Let us explore the technical skills that are in demand.


1. Testing

Testing is a crucial skill to land perfect engineering jobs in 2022. Testing and coding professionals are responsible for checking whether software performs in the exact way that it is expected to. Skilled testers can find and fix mistakes, ultimately perfecting the software.


2. Design

A software design is similar to an architect designing a building. Skilled software designers can conceptualize, frame and implement solutions to problems. With the ever-changing market demands, software design is becoming an increasingly important skill for engineers to master.


3. DevOps:

DevOps is a set of tools and practices that merge IT operations with software development. This helps to reduce the time spent in developing a system, making it faster and more reliable. DevOps is one of the highest-paying IT jobs in the industry that provides remote work and is becoming increasingly in demand.

4. Blockchain

 Blockchain is a shared database or ledger in which transactions are copied and distributed multiple times over computer systems. It is a secure way of keeping data and is becoming increasingly important as the demand for Blockchain experts continues to expand. This is surely the skill for engineers to look out for to have a bright career.


Blockchain developer salaries
(Source: Simplilearn).


5. Cloud computing

As organizations move their data to the 'cloud', there is a massive boom in the cloud computing sector of engineering. Cloud computing stores and accesses information, servers, and software over the internet. Cloud engineering jobs are in high demand and are listed as one of the best in 50 tech jobs, with a median base salary of $105,565 by Glassdoor.

6. Data Science

Data science is the process, tools, logical strategies, and algorithms used to extract data and knowledge from structured and unstructured information. The data science industry is expanding rapidly, and engineers skilled in data science are in high demand.

Nowadays, most organizations gather an ever-increasing amount of data daily, depending on specialists skilled in data science. There is a definite global surge for data science specialties, and many engineering jobs have opened up with no signs of slowing down.

The Data Science sector has experienced a tremendous increase of 650% since 2012, outpacing other sectors by a significant margin. (Source: IndiaToday)


7. Security

Cybersecurity is an increasingly in-demand skill in Top Tech Companies. It deals with safeguarding networks and computer systems, and the demand for cybersecurity experts is increasing as cyber-attacks become more common. Being a cybersecurity analyst is core technical and hence requires candidates to broaden their skill sets with extensive training.

Over an eight-year period tracked by Cybersecurity Ventures, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs grew by 350 percent, from one million positions in 2013 to 3.5 million in 2021. Stunning Indeed.

8. Mobile applications

Mobile application development is a skill that targets handheld devices. With the introduction of languages such as Kotlin and Swift, mobile developers must work with a slightly different range of languages.

9. Machine learning:

We all know that just like us humans, software robots too can perform tasks and understand what’s on screen. Machine learning is a software technology used to deploy software robots to carry out human actions in a much better and easier way. Skilled ML experts are in high demand for the tech industry and are becoming increasingly important as organizations look to automate processes and improve efficiency.

Soft skills

Finally, personality traits and interpersonal skills have an effect on a person’s interactions with their team members. They include a range of competencies such as delegation of work, time management, empathy, and teamwork. These skills might not be a deal-breaker to get hired by an organization, but knowing them is surely beneficial for furthering your career.

For Engineers:

In addition to mastering these technical skills, it's also important for engineers to prepare for a cloud interview. This means being familiar with the technology and platform being used and being able to present oneself professionally on camera.

Furthermore, using an online interview platform, like Tacnique, can provide many benefits, such as the ability to schedule, record and share the interview, which can be helpful for both the interviewer and interviewee. By mastering these technical skills and preparing for a cloud interview, engineers will be well-positioned to land successful engineering jobs in 2022.