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Ukraine had become the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe before Russia invaded. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has dealt a significant blow to the country's once-flourishing tech industry, which had previously established itself as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe.

Before the crisis, Ukraine had become one of the largest IT destinations for companies in the West, attracting the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, who sought to take advantage of low-cost Eastern European labor.

According to Andrey Kolodyuk, the president of the Ukrainian Computer Technology Institute and founder of the software outsourcing company Dakbook:


 "Before the crisis, we were making such progress."


However, the recent hostilities, including the invasion of Crimea and Russia's demand that Ukraine integrates with its tech industry, has caused a major shift in how IT jobs providers operate in the region. As a result, recruitment activity in Ukraine has dropped significantly and is now around 50% of pre-war levels, according to the Ukrainian online recruitment portal Djinni.


A surge in Job Hunting

With job seekers now open to new offers, regardless of location or type of job, online applications have increased by almost 100%. This has led to a surge in job opportunities on a global level, with Poland emerging as a prime destination for new jobs in Ukraine. The US and UK also offer new job opportunities for Ukraine IT professionals.

Fortunately, the number of jobs is increasing every week. According to the London talent platform database, there are more than 1000 job opportunities in 20 different tech categories across 70 countries.

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Cloud Hiring as the solution

The systematic cloud interviewing process provides a profile that quantifies skills, saves time by reusing interviews, and suggests opportunities to candidates that match their strengths. Here are a few features that help in better hiring:

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In conclusion, the crisis in Ukraine has had a global impact on tech hiring, with organizations losing billions of dollars in productivity and candidates facing delays in visa processing. Tacnique offers a solution to this problem, helping to unlock top tech talent globally and easily build engineering teams.